Ticla Mojave 4 Review

October 20, 2014
Ticla Mojave 4
Ticla Mojave 4 Mojave-w-fly
Ease of Setup & Breakdown
Livability & Functionality
Materials & Construction
Weather Resistance

The Good

  • Open design with large windows
  • Sturdy double-pole structure
  • Rugged and durable materials

The Bad

  • Pricey per sq foot
  • No vestibule
  • Only comes in one color

The Ticla Mojave sports an open, social and well-ventilated design with large windows providing a view even when it’s raining, thanks to the overhanging rain fly. A doubled up pole structure provides excellent resistance to wind. The Mojave lacks a vestibule, which allows for better cross breeze making it ideal for warmer environments. Exceptionally durable and high quality materials plus extensive research and solid design work push the price up.


The Ticla Mojave 4 is a three-season, four-person car camping tent with large mesh windows and a top only rain fly with some awning reach. Ticla came into the market with an incredibly focused mission: To make easy to use car camping gear made from high quality materials. Their tents, including the Mojave, are designed for warmer weather environments, which is why none of their tents have vestibules. The lack of a vestibule allows for better cross-breeze airflow when all the window flaps are open to keep the tent from trapping heat like an oven. Zip it up to trap some heat in the shoulder seasons. While the tent is pricy, it uses high quality materials and holds up to high winds. The $150 Refugio from Ticla will work as a separate vestibule.

Ease of Setup & Breakdown
The Mojave is very easy to set up and strike by yourself. The oversized tote style bag easily holds everything included so there’s no need to fold and roll the tent and fly tightly to get it to fit into a stuff sack.

Livability & Functionality
Tall D-shaped walk-in doors, vertical walls, 6’5” max interior height, mesh ceiling and huge mesh windows all make this a very livable tent. Open it up to be social and to easily see in and out of the tent—rain or shine—or zip it up for privacy. Remove the fly for overnight stargazing through the mesh ceiling. It’s easy to prep the fly to pop it on if a freak storm rolls in. By only claiming the Mojave as a 4-person tent, Ticla gives each person 25” x 78” of space in their rating so users can sleep shoulder to shoulder and not have to squeeze in sleeping “toes to nose” like sardines.

Materials & Construction
The pet friendly floors are made with dog claw and rock resistant 210 denier waterproof fabric to withstand abuse from under the tent as well as within. The sides are a much lighter with durable 75 denier waterproof material. Along with YKK zippers, 6061 series aluminum poles and steel stakes with a nail head, this tent, including the bag it comes in, is made to last.

Weather Resistance
The crossing arch design puts two poles down each corner to cross-load and distribute the force from strong wind gusts. While the exposed windows seem like they might take on some sideways rain, the stitching is designed to keep rain out that penetrates the mesh and hits the window cover. For warmer environments, the large mesh windows offer excellent ventilation.

The Mojave is pricey for a 4-person tent, but unlike other tents when you max out the number of people they are rated for, the Mojave is still roomy with 4 people and gear. More people will fit if you squeeze. The high quality materials and structural soundness of the design makes this tent long lasting and a great value for repeated camping in warm environments.


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