SmartWool Midweight Funnel Zip Review

November 28, 2011
SmartWool Midweight Funnel Zip

The Good

  • Very soft against the skin. Thumbs up for comfort and fit.
  • Long center zip and a good size zipper grab.
  • High collar wrapped the skin snug and high.
  • No Stink.
  • Thumb slots at the end of the sleeves.

The Bad

  • Wicking was slightly less than some other technical layers that combine synthetic fibers with wool.
  • Sweat stayed trapped near the skin during activity however dried nicely once stopped for any length of time.

The Smart Wool Midweight Funnel Zip presents a solution for those looking to grab one layer on those medium cold days (25F-40F) where activities are focused on light to medium aerobics and where they don’t have to worry about temperature spikes due to great center zip venting.  This would also be a great backcountry piece on long trips due to its non-odor characteristics and relatively fast dry times due to being 100 percent wool and relatively light weight and especially if you plan on staying active. Bottom Line:  A comfy piece I would grab for a long trip with medium cold temperatures, or if I planned on staying active in the backcountry on even a colder day.


The first thing that stood out when I grabbed the Funnel Zip was its softness and uber cool shoulder panels that add some durability and surprisingly felt even softer than the rest of the piece, not to mention the shirt’s good looks.  I decided to take this piece with me to Bhutan where I spent 12 days wearing it in both hot and cold weather at approximately 9,000 feet. In extensive hiking and biking I found odors non-existent and there were no visible wear points. When biking, sweat built up between the skin and garment, but quickly dried once activity stopped.  Wicking was less than other pieces we tested with synthetics, however the respectable dry times, comfort, and long zip made up for this deficit. The length is cut slightly longer than others making the overall back and bottom coverage better than most. After extensive use the softness held up keeping this a comfortable piece to keep in the quiver especially for long trips worn as a single layer in medium cold temperatures or worn with multiple layers in the coldest conditions.


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