Rudy Project Hypermask Performance Review

February 26, 2012
Rudy Project Hypermask Performance
Lens Clarity
Helmet Compatability
Coverage / Wind Resistance
Fit / Comfort
Overall Performance

The Good

  • Impressive lightness of being at just 28 grams.
  • Comfort.
  • Extreme wraparound design with excellent protective coverage and wind resistance.
  • Great optics with a wide-open field of vision.
  • Simple-to-use lens changing technology plus a wide variety of lens tint and performance options.

The Bad

  • The Brow Interface piece running across the top of the lens caused some visual disturbance.
  • This sunglass’s size is on-target for average and larger face shapes; it runs big for smaller faces.

The Hypermask Performance is a supremely comfortable, multi-sport option with truly crisp, clear optics. It also offers a wealth of additional performance-enhancing features, such as a patented lens changing technology that is easy to operate. Features such as optimal wind resistance and adjustability are icing on the cake.


At just 28 grams, the Hypermask Performance is impressively lightweight. While some hyper-lightweight sunglasses can still feel bulky, this style has a minimal rimless design and a fit engineered for comfort that make it really feel weightless on the face, even during pounding activities such as road running and skate skiing.

When the wind picked up on the trail and ski track, the Hypermask Performance’s sleek, extreme wraparound design to offer good resistance to the conditions. It was comfortable to wear even on longer runs, but did experience some slight visual distraction from the Brow Interface piece that runs along the top of the lens. Particularly in bright sun conditions, it was easy to want to keep looking up at the neon yellow piece floating on the top of the lens.

Designed to enhance air circulation and enhance fit, the Interface did make the frame feel more secure and snug to the face while also greatly minimizing fogging.

We tested the Multilaser Blue lens, which comes standard with the neon yellow Hypermask Performance sunglass. This lens tint was surprisingly versatile; it performed well while running in bright light conditions and also while skate skiing in low light conditions on snow. The lens clarity was quite good, providing solid definition in both light conditions.

The Hypermask Performance also has a patented Quick Change lens-swapping system that is downright easy to use. This system opens the door to a number of lens tints that serve up various performance features. One such is Rudy Project’s new-ish Racing Red lens, which is infused with the company’s IMPACTX technology. This scratch-resistant, polarized lens, which is touted as guaranteed unbreakable for life, has a semi-rigid design plus photochromic capabilities (meaning the lens tint changes dependent on the light conditions).

The Hypermask Performance also offers a customizable fit with a pliable, easy-to-adjust nosepiece and fully adjustable temple tips. It is also designed within the standards of Rudy Project’s “Safety Project,” which includes fold-in hinges without any sharp edges, a feature that minimizes injury in case of impact or falls.


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