Redington RediLayer Wool Crew Review

December 8, 2011
Redington RediLayer Wool Crew

The Good

  • Very light weight.
  • Form fitting skin layer with good stretch movement.
  • Wicking was better than others in the “All wool” category.
  • Durability.

The Bad

  • “Stink factor” higher than wool, although still respectable.
  • Actual dry times were slightly slower than all wool pieces.
  • Fit was a bit snug around the neck.

The Redington RediLayer blend takes some of the comfort advantages of wool and adds durability and wicking with nylon making this a great skin layer for aerobic cool weather activities where wicking and a bit of warmth might be your primary goal. This would be the quiver piece I would take with me on an uphill snowshoe run or bike ride. No matter how much I sweat when using this piece, as soon as I peeled it off my skin was dry.


First impressions were mixed when first wearing the RediLayer as I felt snug around the upper chest but very comfy in other areas with good form fitting for wicking. The stretchiness of the fabric was a bonus as was the exceptional light weight. In Aerobic conditions the sweat seemed initially to stay trapped on the skin. But once I went on to a non-aerobic mode of rest or descent the Redi Layer quickly transported moisture away from the surface. If I peeled off the Redi layer during aerobics it also did well in taking the sweat with it. The Merino wool blended with nylon does well to improve wicking with its thin weight, although adding mid layers is recommended for colder activities. The lab results showed slightly slower dry times of the inner fabric when compared to all wool pieces. While the nylon blended with Merino adds benefits in wicking and durability, I did notice that the stink factor is slightly higher than with a product that is all wool.


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