Rab’s MeCo 165 Review

August 31, 2011
Rab’s MeCo 165

The Good

  • A generously long chest zip added great flexibility to venting.
  • The wicking ability was excellent.
  • Dry times in our lab testing were among the fastest yet.
  • Great for Aerobic activities even in warmer winter days.
  • Lightweight.

The Bad

  • Not as form fitting as other products.
  • Makes a great skin layer but not ultra warm unless worn with other mid layers in non-aerobic activities due to its slightly lighter weight.

Consider this layer first for aerobic activities where you are sweating heavily, such as cross-country skiing, ice climbing, or snowshoeing for its light weight and ability to wick while at the same time giving you the warm properties of wool when wet.


The RAB MeCo 165 held its own in a full array of activities, including cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and biking. The first thing I noticed in testing the MeCo was the lighter weight of the shirt, as well as a generous chest zip which made temperature management very easy. The thin and low profile design kept me warm, especially when I sweated most. The Cocona allows the wool to gain a larger surface diameter speeding up the process of evaporation. In the wear test the RAB shined in aerobics. Many wool layers do great with their ability to hold moisture and warmth, however the MeCo did better in wicking. It had a very good 45-minute “dry time” in our lab after soaking an interior surface with water. And, after several days of activities without washing, odors were non-existent and the fabric held its shape well without pilling either.


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