Nike Vomero12 Review

February 27, 2012
Nike Vomero12
Lens Clarity
Helmet Compatability
Coverage / Wind Resistance
Fit / Comfort
Overall Performance

The Good

  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Excellent optics with a lens that moves well from low light to bright light.
  • Impressive open field of vision from Nike’s wraparound sport wrap shield design.
  • A balanced frame design that minimizes movement on the face.

The Bad

  • The sunglass’ ventilated rubber nose bridge kept coming off when we cleaned the lens.
  • The nose bridge also caused a very minimal amount of glare on the back of the lenses at certain angles.

The Nike Vomero12 is a highly comfortable, multi-sport women’s sunglass with noticeably clear optics and a wide-open, unobstructed field of vision. Its balanced design provides a marked stability that greatly minimizes movement on the face.


The Vomero12’s light weight and stable design make the Nike Vomero12 a noticeably comfortable, easy-to-wear winter running sunglass. It still felt weightless on the face even when tucked under a winter hat on cold mornings, while some other sunglass designs dug into the head at the temple points and on the face at the nosepads with this added pressure.

The brand’s Secure Wrap Temple Arms provided the promised stability and comfort—they slid on easily without a hitch and remained in place without feeling tight or pinching on the head. The Vomero12 has an anti-fog, ventilated rubber nose bridge and our test found no lens fogging with this sunglass, even during high-intensity activities.

Its sleek, rimless wraparound design provides outstanding coverage from elements such as wind and bright sun. Additionally, the unobstructed lens and seamless sport wrap shield design (which runs flush with the temples) provide a clear, wide-open field of vision, including enhanced peripheral vision.

With this model we tested Nike’s Max Speed lens tint, which worked well in both bright light and lower light conditions. This lens tint is slightly lighter than some others tested and while it worked well in all sun conditions, it may not be optimal for bright, sunny days while running in the snow. The lens features a hard coat that can be resistant to scratches.

The main downside with this sunglass was that the ventilated nose bridge kept coming off when cleaning the lens. It was easy to pop back on, but inconvenient nonetheless. At certain angles in bright light conditions, a slight bit of glare on the back of the lens reflected off the nose bridge.

Designed for female wearers, the Vomero12 is slightly smaller than most unisex performance glasses. Its wrap design is not as extreme as some other performance sunglasses, yet the coverage feels ample. The styling is clean, simple, and uncomplicated.


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