Marmot Limestone 6 Review

October 20, 2014
Marmot Limestone 6
B27830_9511_limestone_6p 0006
Marmot Limestone 6 B27830_9511_limestone_6p 0006
Ease of Setup & Breakdown
Livability & Functionality
Materials & Construction
Weather Resistance

The Good

  • Ready for wind and sideways rain
  • Privacy maintained without the fly
  • Good standing headroom

The Bad

  • Minimal view when it rains
  • Extra long poles require lots of room for setup
  • Traps heat in warmer environments

The Marmot Limestone 6 provides good headroom for a dome tent and is ready to repel a torrent of wind and rain but won’t offer much in the ways of views and ventilation. Though the Limestone 6 provides some privacy even without the rain fly, it is not well suited for hot environments.


The Marmot Limestone 6 is a three-season, 6-person dome-style car camping tent with full rainfly coverage. Marmot has expanded the headroom of the tent by adding two horizontal side support poles. The dome design is very strong and will withstand fierce winds as long as it’s staked down (not necessarily guy-lined out, though that always helps). Even with piles of gear on the inside, poorly staked dome tents have been known to wander like tumbleweeds. The problem with dome tents of this size, though, is the primary dome poles are exceptionally long. I found I need to be especially mindful after putting them together as it was easy to accidentally whack someone in an adjacent campsite while turning around. Ironically, the impressive color-coding of the poles is unnecessary because the two pole lengths are unmistakable. The full coverage rain fly will keep any horizontal rain out when all sealed up. Roll up one corner of the door flap to watch a gentle rainfall and to get some air.

Ease of Setup & Breakdown
The Limestone 6 is very easy for one person to set up and strike. Make sure there is plenty of room to insert the very long dome poles. The tent and fly can be stuffed into the tent bag next to the collapsed poles or neatly folded and rolled up around the poles. It makes for a tight package to transport and stow.

Livability & Functionality
Large double doors are great without the fly. The drop-flap style door requires some management when not needed to keep out rain. The vestibules are generous and an included clipped-in floor mat provides a nice staging area for removing shoes. The slanted cut of the mesh is clever for maintaining some privacy in warmer weather when the fly is not being used.

Materials & Construction
Durable fabrics and strong zippers are used to make this tent last. Aluminum alloy poles (14.5 & 12 mm) provide a superb strength to weight ratio. A good handle makes the tent easy to carry when bagged up. It could use another handle on the end to shake the tent out of the bag for setup.

Weather Resistance
The full coverage fly and strong aluminum alloy poles make the Limestone 6 ready for a wet and windy onslaught. A full mesh upper provides great ventilation without the fly.

The Limestone 6 is reasonably priced and falls into the mid-range of cost per square foot. With strong materials and solid construction as well as excellent stormy weather resistance the Limestone 6 is a great value for mild to cooler temperatures.


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