Esee Izula-II Review

June 18, 2014
Esee Izula-II
Construction & Materials
Ease of Use
Steel Quality & Edge Retention

The Good

  • Size and weight vs. Durability
  • Made in USA
  • Sheath design allows you to carry the knife in any position

The Bad

  • Maybe I’ll find something after another five years of use and abuse!

I have carried the Esee Izula-II on me for the past five years and it has become a reliable friend in many situations–around the house, in the office, and especially out in the woods. The optional Survival Kit seems a little gimmicky at first, but it’s proven to be legit–even if just for the belt clip panel, paracord, and cord lock. If you’re serious about the blade you carry in your outdoor adventures, I would recommend picking up the Izula-II. For the fast-packing and light weight gear fans, this little bastard fits right in.


Construction & Materials
This full-tang, fixed-blade knife is made from one solid piece of 5/32-inch thick, powder coated, 1095 carbon steel. It comes with optional, hollowed-out Canvas Micarta handles. Without the powder coating, this knife would have rusted quickly.

Ease Of Use
Don’t expect to take down a redwood with this knife, but it can hold its own against larger survival knives. The Izula-II was designed for concealed carry and easy deployment in any situation; it does both very easily. The longer handle and bent neck lets it be used to cut, chop, dig, etc. very easily. The nylon sheath was designed to carry the Izula-II in almost any configuration. I have gone up and down many mountains with this sucker hanging upside-down off of my belt–and it’s never dropped off.

Steel Quality / Edge Retention
Edge retention comes easy to flat ground 1095 carbon steel. It has been around for years and has stood up against many more molecularly superior blades. In five years, I have only had to sharpen the Izula-II twice and I use it daily. Additionally, I’ve never seen any rust on it–even on the bare edge where rust should be crawling around like ants at a picnic.

If my editors let me give this a 15 I would. The powder coating has stayed intact; there is no chipping on the blade edge. Even the handles look like they are brand new. This knife excels in both form and function.

The Izula-II and its sheath alone provides everything wilderness enthusiasts need in a survival knife, and then some and the optional Survival Kit ($45) expands on the knife’s utility. The materials alone justify the price, but the design of the knife and then the Survival Kit really just make the Izula-II a no-brainer for anyone taking an extended walk in the woods.

NOTE: For customization junkies, there are a lot of after-market options for the Izula-II from hardware, to handles–even the sheath can be customized. Heck, you can even buy the knife itself in a multitude of different colors. It’s a legend in the survival world.  I’ve personally added another layer to the sheath (to carry an Atwood Dreadknot) and added a lanyard for hanging it over me in my tent or hammock (for easy access if a pesky boar comes running at me at night.)


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