FixnZip: Zipper Repair just got easier

FixnZip: Zipper Repair just got easier

Years back, I was traveling across the country with my best friend, Nate. We ended up staying a night in The Flintstones “Bedrock City” campground on our way to the Grand Canyon. It was wicked cold that night and somewhere in the middle of tossing and turning, the zipper on my sleeping bag broke. I ended up paying way more than retail at a local trading post for a new bag but really, that was a waste of more than money.

I mean, a busted zipper left me with a nearly useless bag unless I could get it to a repair shop. But repair shops aren’t really an option when you’re banking 100 miles a day across the United States and they don’t exist on the trail. So at the time I was S.O.L. That’s where a product like the FixnZip ($10) would have been come in handy.

Available in three sizes, FixnZip works on nearly any type of zipper—including open-ended zippers like those found on jackets, and close-ended ones found on tents—and requires no tools or training. The FixnZIp replaces the damaged zipper slider and helps repair the teeth and coil of metal as moves. Offered in silver or black, the FixnZip is made of non-corrosive nickel and can be left in place for the life of the piece it has fixed and then moved on to the next busted item.