Zeiss Brings Add-On Lenses to the iPhone

Zeiss Brings Add-On Lenses to the iPhone


Considering how much the cameras have improved in our smartphones over the past few years, it isn’t difficult to understand why they have replaced the traditional point and shoot that we used in the past. The top smartphones not only take great shots, but they allow us to quickly and easily edit the images, and share them on social media too. But if there is one area where smartphone cameras are still lacking it is with the quality of their lenses. While they are fine for taking selfies and other basics shots, they are practically useless for zooming. Zeiss is hoping to change that however by releasing a set of external add-on lenses designed specifically for use with the iPhone.

Zeiss is well known for creating some of the best lenses in the world, which are used not only in cameras but binoculars, microscopes, planetariums and scopes used by hunters, law enforcement officers, and the military as well. In fact, a number of different manufacturers use Zeiss lenses in their products, often boldly pointing out that fact right on their packaging. Now, the company has decided to release add-on lenses for the iPhone as well, offering three options for budding photographers.


Those three lenses include a telephoto, wide-angle, and macro option, each with high-quality glass that has been designed to improve the overall definition of images taken. All three have been specifically built to work with the iPhone, and can be attached using a customized mounting bracket that comes courtesy of ExoLens. Zeiss says that the macro lens even features a zooming function that is unique to a product of this kind.

We’ve seen external add-on lenses in the past, so this announcement doesn’t bring much new to the table. But this is the first time that Zeiss is releasing such a product, and their offering will most assuredly use high quality aluminum housings and excellent glass. This should help to make them some of the best available on the market today, stand head and shoulders over most of the competition.


All three lenses are expected to ship this spring, although prices have not yet been announced. If they live up to the typical Zeiss level of quality, they will undoubtedly be more expensive than the competition, but also provide much better performance too.

Find out more on the Zeiss website.