Gear Ticker: Yukon 70 Cold Locker

Gear Ticker: Yukon 70 Cold Locker


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Update: The beer stayed cold for 6 days, and cool enough to enjoy for another 36 hours or so! The beer probably would have stayed cold for even longer if we hadn’t crammed 79 beers and only 2 bags of ice into it – we’ll probably go with 3 or 4 bags next time!

The Yukon 70 Cold Locker by Igloo is a 36lb beast of a cooler that can probably handle anything you throw at it. The first thing you notice is the burly, seamless molded case that, as far as I can tell, is nearly indestructible. The stainless steel hardware, thick lockable lid and built-in, oversized handles make it a great choice for boats, ATV’s or some serious car camping. The top of the cooler can be used as a cutting board / work area and has an integrated ruler to help measure the fish or whatever else you just reeled in.

After I took the Yukon on a weekend camping adventure – where it performed well, and was serious overkill for a leisurely weekend of car camping – I decided the next logical step in my testing was to see how much beer I could cram into this puppy. If not particularly necessary or practical – it was a lot of fun. In fact, when I mentioned to the checkout clerk that I was buying all the beer for a work-related project he asked “where do you work, and are you hiring?” All told I was able to pack 79 beers, mostly cans but some bottles thrown in for good measure, and a 2-liter bottle of Sprite because you can’t drink beer all the time…. I guess. Check back in a week or so for an update on how cold the beer stays after hanging out in the Santa Fe heat – if there is any left!

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