For frequent travelers, the thought of checking a bag at the airport is practically unthinkable. Dropping a piece of luggage with an airline not only eats up precious time on both ends of the flight, but can get costly too. And that’s to say nothing of the fact that it could get lost in transit along the way. Unfortunately, not all luggage gives us the chance to bypass this process, which means we often end up handing over our luggage even when we don’t particularly want to. But a new travel backpack that recently launched on Kickstarter promises to make checked bags a thing of the past once and for all. 

The new Aer Travel Pack has been built to facilitate quick passage through airports, public transporation, and a wide variety of urban environments. It features a number of interesting design elements that were carefully incorporated into its construction to make it easier than ever to hit the road. For instance, it includes a clamshell design that makes accessing the interior a simple affair, making it not only easy to load, but to get to your important items as well. The Pack also includes a fully ventilated, yet completely isolated, shoe storage compartment, and a quick-access laptop sleeve for easy passage through airport security checkpoints.


As if that wasn’t enough, there are also a wide variety of organizational pockets to keep your small, but important, items close at hand, as well as a dedicated compartment just for all of the cables you need to carry with you to keep your various devices charged when traveling. The Pack includes a safe document pocket for passports and other important papers as well, and even includes an expandable bottle holder too. All of these various storage compartments are laid out in a logical and useful manner as well, making it easy to remember where you placed each of the items you’re carrying with you. 

The designers of the Travel Pack gave it a shape that more closely resembles a standard piece of luggage rather than a traditional backpack. This helps it to slip into overhead compartments much more quickly and easily, which also aids in efficiency when boarding and exiting an aircraft. It has also been built to match the maximum carry-on size for all international and domestic airlines as well, ensuring that you should never have to check it at the airport.


To say the Travel Pack is a Kickstarter success story would be an understatement. Aer had hoped to raise $20,000 to put it into production, but their crowdfunding campaign is already closing in on $300k with more than two weeks yet to go. That means they should be able to move ahead with schedule production and begin shipping the bag in July at a price of $220. Early backers can still order one for $179 though if they pledge support before the fund raising efforts wrap up. 

Find out more about the Travel Pack, and order one for yourself, on product’s Kickstarter page