Best Frontside Skis for 2014 (for Women)

Best Frontside Skis for 2014 (for Women)

If you like to rip hardpack, these are your sticks. Here is a preview of GI ski test director Krista Crabtree’s reports on the five best Frontside Skis for women. You can find her full reports here.

Volkl Yumi


The Yumi is a user-friendly, soft-flexing ski from Volkl. It lacks the rebound energy found in Volkl’s other women’s skis, but instead offers solid carving and accessibility to a variety of ability levels as well as terrain and snow conditions. A ski that walks the line between frontside/all-mountain categories, the Yumi has an 83mm waist, a soft-flexing core and construction built for edge grip. Retail Price: $775. Gear Institute Rating: 84

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Nordica Wild Belle


The Wild Belle is a slightly softer flexing and lower weight version of a men’s ski and remains on the stiffer side for women’s skis. Because of this, however, it carves extremely well, stays smooth at speed and can handle a variety of terrain and snow conditions. All in all, it’s a ski for advanced intermediates through expert skiers. It rewards skiers who can edge both skis with full-length edge hold and a hug-the-mountain feel. The 84mm-waisted Wild Belle is a stable, carving-oriented ski that rewards technical skiing, but also offers a big sweet spot for intermediates. Retail Price: $600. Gear Institute Rating: 88

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K2 SuperGlide 80


The SuperGlide 80 is a lightweight, versatile frontside ski suited for a wide range of abilities and ages. A user-friendly frontside ski with an 80mm waist, tip rocker and a women-specific core, the SuperGlide is easy going and confidence inspiring. The tips can flap in a high-speed carve and it can get wobbly when straightlining, so experts might overpower this ski. Retail Price: $960. Gear Institute Rating: 83

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Head Mya 8


The HEAD MYA 8 is a women’s frontside ski with an 84-mm waist, tip rocker, and a light core built with dense hardwood over the edges for edge grip. This is a versatile frontside ski that’s good for intermediate through expert skiers who favor a damp and stable carver with secure edge hold. It performs best on groomers, but can handle soft or cut-up snow and moguls. Retail Price: $750. Gear Institute Rating: 82

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Blizzard Viva 8.0


The Blizzard Viva is an 80mm-waisted high-performance women’s frontside ski for high intermediates through expert skiers who favor short turns and rebound energy. It’s a quick and lively frontside ski with great edge hold and rebound energy. It requires some precision to stay on top of a small sweet spot. Therefore it’s best suited for high intermediates through expert skiers who are able to pressure the tip and roll the ski on edge. Retail Price: $800. Gear Institute Rating: 85

Read the full report here.