Why Am I Just Finding This Now: Bushsmarts.com

Why Am I Just Finding This Now: Bushsmarts.com

This morning I was minding my own business looking for some last minute Christmas ideas when I stumbled upon something that sent me head first down the rabbit hole landing me smack dab in the middle of one of the coolest gear websites I have seen in ages. The piece of gear I was shopping for was the Lightweight Classic Flask and the website that captivated me was BushSmarts.com.

Bush Smarts is an online market-place that sells custom gear made by the website’s founders – John Davidson and Kevin Sterling – along with gear from name brands like Camelbak and Therm-a-rest. The site’s look and feel is quite familiar, having the gear categorized for easy shopping. But the one big difference between Bush Smarts and some other similar sites is that it’s not overflowing with multiple options; instead the product offering is concise and purpose built.

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Outside of the product pages are interesting supporting pages, like “Know How” – which shows you how to use some of Bush Smart’s more unique gear. But the one page that sticks out the most is “Where It’s From?” which pulls back the curtain and tells us where their custom goods are made.


All in all, I’m hooked on Bush Smarts. I like where these folks are coming from with their company mission and I like their unique product offering … Although, I don’t think I’ll make the cut-off point to get my goodies here for the Festivus.