Want to be a running shoe tester? Here’s your chance.

Want to be a running shoe tester? Here’s your chance.

We’re looking for a few good running shoe testers.

If you know running shoes inside and out, we want you on our team. We’re expanding, and we need more running shoe wear testers to help us evaluate next season’s best road running and trail running shoes.

Our test crew gets samples of next season’s best running shoes, logs miles in them, and then writes thorough feedback reports on how the shoes compare to other shoes in the test. We only accept experienced, reliable testers who can write about their observations cleanly and clearly.

You need to be an experienced runner. You also need to demonstrate a strong working understanding of current running shoe technologies, trends, and consumer interests. Specialty running store employees are especially encouraged to apply. You need to be running a minimum of 20 miles per week. You do not need to be fast—we welcome runners of all types: speedy, slow, heavy-set, thin, heel-strikers, midfoot strikers, pronators, neutral runners, minimalists, maximalists, etc. The key is that you understand running shoes and can explain clearly what you experience. You also need to be able to put your own personal brand, style, and shoe preferences aside and review shoes fairly against similar shoes in their category.

To apply
Submit an audition report to our forums, and follow the instructions below carefully. Show us you understand running shoe technology and trends. Articulate how your shoe compares to others in the same general category, how well it performs, and where it comes up short. We will read all auditions, but can only respond to successful applicants. Here’s how to do it:

1) Decide if you want to test trail running shoes, road running shoes, or minimalist running shoes. Pick one.

2) Write up an audition report for your current pair of running shoes.

3) Include the name of the shoe model and the words “(Tester Audition)” in the title.

4) Post it to our forums. You will need to create an account.     

Our lawyer made us say this is a volunteer opportunity, not a paid position, and you would not be an employee of GearInstitute.com. That’s probably obvious.