Vuarnet Sunglasses Protect Against Both UV and Infrared Rays

Vuarnet Sunglasses Protect Against Both UV and Infrared Rays

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Most people all ready know about the damaging effects of UV rays, but what many of us don’t realize is that ultraviolet isn’t the only potentially harmful rays the sun gives off. Without protection, infrared rays can also create long-term hazards to people who spend a great deal of time outdoors. Unfortunately, the vast majority of sunglasses don’t offer any protection against infrared rays at all, but iconic French eyewear brand Vuarnet is hoping to change that.

According to the company, “Infrared rays conduct heat from the sun and therefore may damage the cornea if not filtered by a sunglass lens. By blocking heat, Vuarnet lenses contribute to enhanced comfort and protection when your eyes are exposed to the sun for extended periods.”


Vuarnet lenses are guaranteed to provide 100 percent protection against UV rays, and while most sunglasses don’t offer any protection against infrared rays, Vuarnet lenses are also designed to absorb up to 98 percent of infrared radiation as well. Vuarnet accomplishes this by making their lenses from natural mineral glass, which in addition to providing protection from UV and infrared rays, also minimizes eye fatigue because it doesn’t distort your vision like so many other sunglass lenses do.

Amongst Vuarnet’s new eyewear that features this protection and clarity are the Horizon Square glasses ($360) that include four models inspired by Vuarnet’s trademark round, pilot, square, and butterfly shapes. Designed for both men and women, the Horizon Square glasses were created to keep up with active lifestyles and feature a removable retainer cord that attaches to the ends of the frames with a metal slide system.


The Cable Car Pilot glasses ($300) might look like a modern piece of design ingenuity, but the double bridge, metal wire frames make these glasses a great choice for active people who aren’t afraid to jump into action and experience all that life has to offer.

Both the Cable Car Pilot and Horizon Square glasses feature Vuarnet’s Blue Polar lenses that offer superior color enhancement and maximum protection against harsh glares that are all too common in water sports. And both styles prove how easy it is to protect your eyes against UV and infrared rays, not to mention how good you can look doing it.