UCO’s Stormproof Torch Butane Lighter is a Lifesaver

UCO’s Stormproof Torch Butane Lighter is a Lifesaver


In all the years I have been living, working, and playing in the outdoors I have never really had a need for a high-powered butane lighter. Sure the benefits of carrying a windproof, mini-jet powered flame were there, but I always struggled through using either a BIC or by keeping it real with flint and steel. But a couple of weeks ago I found myself at the end of a long day of snowshoeing in subzero weather, dog-tired, and ready to relax. That’s when I thanked my lucky stars I actually had brought one along.

My saving grace was UCO’s new Stormproof Torch, which is a triple jet, adjustable flame, butane lighter that can ignite a frozen tinder bundle in a heartbeat. Built like a tank, and impressive in size, the Stormproof Torch is actually a standard UCO lighter encased in a waterproof polycarbonate shell. It comes complete with a built-in bottle opener, silicone top, and aluminum carabineer to help keep it always at the ready.


Launching this summer, and retailing for $19.99, The UCO Stormproof Torch is one of those impulse items you grab when you see it on the shelf just because it looks cool. You end up throwing it in your pack and then forgetting about it until you find yourself in a jam. It is then that you’ll be glad you have it with you. As the wind howls and the snow blows around, this little power plant will save you from becoming a Popsicle. It’s at that point you’ll realize that it’s probably one of the most useful pieces of gear you brought along with you.

A month ago I may have told you to suck it up and stick to your BIC or even flint and steel. But sometimes you just don’t want to put in any work. Sometimes you just want to get the fire lit so you can lean back with a cold craft beverage. In those times, let the UCO Stormproof Torch do the job for you.