Twitter’s 15 Best Park Photos

Twitter’s 15 Best Park Photos

National Parks1-Grand Canyon
Skift, an inside-baseball travel industry resource, recently published the 15 most popular images of national parks from Twitter. These images all originate from the US Dept. of Interior’s Twitter feed, and some are noticeably dated (the Washington Monument, for example, is currently housed in scaffolding that’s slowly coming down now that repairs to the earthquake damage from 2011 have been completed). But in many ways, these images are timeless, and serve as a tantalizing reminder of the world we all can’t wait to explore. Here’s a few of our favorites…

(Above, Grand Canyon National Park)

National Parks1-Yellowstone

(Yellowstone National Park)

National Parks1-Denali

(Denali National Park)

National Parks1-White Sands

(White Sands National Park)
All images credited to US Dept. of Interior

-Nathan Borchelt