Turn Your iPhone into a DSLR with These Keychain Lenses From Olloclip

Turn Your iPhone into a DSLR with These Keychain Lenses From Olloclip

Cell phone cameras have vastly improved over the years, but have been limited by their use of microscopic lenses. That is until Olloclip produced clip on lenses. The Olloclip device is small enough to fit on a keychain and provides a variety of lenses that bump your iPhone’s photo taking capabilities leaps and bounds closer to a professional DSLR.

Olloclip is an award winning product that adds professional level lenses to your iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6/6s Plus. The design is simple, lightweight, and durable. It clips right over the corner of your phone and adds a combination of the following lenses that switch with a twist: Fisheye, Wide-Angle, Macro 7x, 10x, 14x, 15x, and 21x, Ultra-Wide, and Telephoto. Not only that, but the Olloclip is designed to work with both the front and rear camera of your phone and stores neatly into three multi-colored pendants that you can wear or attach to your bag for quick access.

The Olloclip comes in three versions ranging in price from $69.99 to $99.99. Additionally, you can add a special case that fits the clip for $29.99. The three versions include the 4-in-1 standard version with fisheye, wide-angle, and macro 10x and 15x, the Active Lens that includes a telephoto and ultra-wide lens, and the Macro Pro Lens that has increased precision for close up “microscope” shots.


The design of the Olloclip makes it small, but still just a bit too big to slip into tight jean pockets. The three different versions are sized as follows:

  • 4-in-1: Fisheye, Wide-Angle, Macro 10x, and Macro 15 – $79.9 HxWxD: 1×2.1×1.5 in./26.2×53.8×38.1 mm., Weight 0.9 oz./25.5 g.
  • Active: Ultra-Wide, Telephoto – $99.99 HxWxD: 1.1×2.2×1.7 in./27.7×55.4×42.4 mm., Weight 1.4 oz./39.7 g.
  • Macro Pro: Macro 7x, 14x, and 21x – $69.99 HxWxD: 1×2.1×1.4 in./26.2×53.3×34.8 mm., Weight 0.8 oz./22.7 g.

Right now, these lenses are only available for the iPhone, but we won’t be too surprised if we see then soon for other devices as well. Find out more and order your own at Olloclip.com.