Timbuk2’s Aviator is Custom Made for the Frequent Traveler

Timbuk2’s Aviator is Custom Made for the Frequent Traveler


Frequent fliers know all to well the challenges of packing for a trip. But, many of them have also mastered the ability to travel light, and know exactly what they need to take with them when they hit the road. The Aviator Convertible Travel Backpack from Timbuk2 was designed specifically with those types ot travelers in mind, delivering everything they need in a compact, attractive package that was built to bring travel efficiency to a whole new level. 

On the surface, the Aviator resembles any number of other carry-on travel backpacks that you might find on the market today, albeit with its own distinct look and design. But dig deeper and you’ll soon begin to see how it differs from most. For example, with its stowaway shoulder straps and hipbelt, the Aviator can quickly convert to a duffel bag, complete with reinforced grab-handles on all sides. It also features a variety of access points to the interior of the pack, making it easy to access your gear at any given time.


Inside, the Aviator sports a surprising amount of space. In fact, its main compartment has enough room to carry all of clothing you would need for a weekend getaway, and then some. It also has a larger storage pocket tucked away under its lid that is spacious enough to hold toiletries, a camera, snacks, or any number of other small items. This pocket also features a zipper along its bottom that when opened expands the main compartment even further, creating a larger unified space for those who need a bit more room in the interior. 


On the outside you’ll find a small zip pocket along the top of the bag that is perfect for stowing earbuds, charging cables, or even a smartphone. Zipped pockets on either side of the pack are specifically built for holding water bottles, but can accommodate a variety of other items too. There is even a hidden laptop sleeve tucked away behind the surprisingly comfortable back panel. The sleeve is large enough to fit a 15″ notebook, which can be accessed out without ever having to remove the pack from your back. 

Made from durable, water resistant fabrics, the Aviator has been built to survive the rigors of travel. It will also keep its precious cargo safe from harm as well, with solid padding for protection integrated into its design. On top of that, it has a classic look to it that seems right at home in just about any environment. 


Having used this bag on several short trips already I’ve come away quite impressed with its design. It literally is built to hold everything you need to take with you on a short 2-3 day trip, without the need for another bag at all. It is sized perfectly to fit in the overhead compartment of just about any aircraft, and is versatile enough that it can be used for both business travel and a personal escape. It is a bit on the large size when compared to traditional travel packs, but it is also smaller than most luggage too. This in-between size makes it unique, as it allows you to carry just one bag with you when you go, eliminating weight and bulk in the process. 

The Aviator is priced at $189 and comes in four different colors. Find out more at Timbuk2.com