This Tent is Designed to Block Light and Heat

This Tent is Designed to Block Light and Heat


Nothing interrupts a good night’s sleep in a tent like the arrival of sunrise. Sure, camping outdoors is a lot of fun, but it also typically means that we’ll be waking up at the break of dawn – or shortly there after – thanks to the bright light and warm rays of the sun. But a new tent that recently wrapped up a successful crowdfunding campaign hopes to change that by utilizing some interesting materials that could result in more sleep on your next outing.

A company called Outback Logic designed the new Siesta4 tent to be the ultimate deep-sleep chamber for those camping in the outdoors. The shelter uses highly reflective fabrics to prevent heat and light from ever reaching the interior, thus making it darker and more comfortable inside. As if that wasn’t enough, the tent also features specially designed side vents that can accommodate USB powered fans, allowing air to circulate throughout the interior as well. In theory, this should allow the occupants to get more rest, even in the middle of the day.


The Siesta4 is made from a lightweight fabric that was specially developed for these kinds of projects. Those fabrics are said to be very breathable, and even waterproof, while still having the ability to reflect infrared, ultraviolet, and visible light. Those features work in conjunction with one another to give the tent the unique ability to block out the sun’s rays, while remaining cool and comfortable inside.

Designed to sleep four people comfortably, the Siesta4 also features two doors at either end, as well as two spacious vestibules for additional storage space. It also has 6 mesh storage pockets, a central lantern looop, and 16 additional hanging loops located throughout the interior. The tent will ship with aluminum poles and has an integrated waterproof floor to help keep moisture at bay.


The designers of the Siesta4 say their tent is perfect for festival-goers or car campers in particular, although it’s built for anyone who wants to sleep more comfortably outdoors. With a weight of 18 pounds however, it would be tough to lug it too far into the backcountry. The tent is expected to begin shipping in the spring of 2016, and carry a price tag of about $375 without fans. Adding fans will set you back an additional $60 each.