This Service Prints Your Panoramic Photos on 3D Spheres

This Service Prints Your Panoramic Photos on 3D Spheres


Scandy is a service that prints your panoramic photos onto small spheres of various sizes. With cell phones now able to capture ultra wide panoramas and full spherical images, the only way to view them has been on your device or a computer. However, Scandy stepped up to bat with a simple solution to print the photos on appropriately shaped surfaces.

Scandy is actually the first service that prints spherical images on, surprise, 3D printed spheres. If you have ever stared speechless on top of a mountain or admiring an incredible sunset, you can now shrink that experience down into a size that fits into your hand. The spheres are made of gypsum powder that is colored before it is printed into its final shape.


The website allows for you to upload your images and see 3D renders immediately. Once you transfer a photo, you can rotate it around and re-center the image so it prints in the correct orientation. The final spheres can be printed in 2, 3, or 4 inches with different prices for each size.

The website also offers other services. Besides being able to make your spheres into Christmas tree ornaments, you can submit a scan to print a small life-like figure of yourself. Because, who wouldn’t want one of those?