This Lantern Will Make Your Next Camping Trip Much Better

This Lantern Will Make Your Next Camping Trip Much Better


For many of us, camping is one of the best methods for getting some much needed rest and relaxation. Nothing quite beats sitting around a campfire making s’mores, swapping stories, and enjoying the peace and quiet that can only be found in the backcountry. But depending on when and where you go, your camping experience can be ruined by some of the most hated creatures known to man: mosquitoes, black flies, and “no see-ums.” These little flying demons come in relentless swarms, and can quickly ruin any camping trip.

The folks over at Thermacell have come out with an ingenious product that just might help limit the presence of these annoying insects, while also providing some much needed light around the campsite too. The Repellent Camp Lantern closely resembles the classic Coleman lantern most of us grew up with, but it features some modern innovations that are definitely all its own. For instance, it comes with a 300 lumen LED light bulb that is designed to last a minimum of 50 hours on its highest setting. The lantern is also water resistant, comes with a built-in hanging clip, and includes a color-coded battery life indicator that lets you know just when its time to replace the D-cells that power it.


But what really makes this lantern shine (pun fully intended!) is its innovative system for warding off pesky insects. The Repellent Lantern actually contains an integrated butane cartridge and a small repellant mat comprised of a synthesized form of a natural insect repellant found in the Chrysanthemum flower. When the butane cartridge heats up the mat, it releases an odorless gas that can create a 225-square foot barrier around the lamp that most insects won’t penetrate.

Thermacell’s website doesn’t give any indication of just how long the butane cartridge and repellant mat will last, but online reports say that the butane was good for 10-12 hours, and the mat was effective for about four hours. That’s enough to keep your campsite bug-free for a night or two, but you’ll probably want to have replacement parts on hand for extended trips.


The lantern retails for $59.99, which seems like a relative bargain for anyone who has ever had to endure a mosquito-filled night around the campfire. The light isn’t just good for use while camping however, as it could also be a big help in your own backyard.