This Just Might Be The Best Tent You’ll Ever Own

This Just Might Be The Best Tent You’ll Ever Own


If you’ve been searching for just the right tent to take with you on your backcountry adventures, that search just might be over. A company called TheTentLab has launched a kickstarter campaign for what could just be the best tent that you’ll ever own. 

The Moonlight Tent is the brainchild of designer Mike Cecot-Scherer, a veteran of the outdoor industry, and a tent designer since 1985. He’s taken all of his years of experience, and poured it into what he calls the ultimate performance 3-season shelter. Available in 2, 3, and 4-person models, the Moonlight promises to be durable, easy to set up, and roomy. 


In designing this tent Cecot-Scherer identified a number of key problems that have challenged gear manufacturers over the years, and went about finding innovative ways of resolving those issues. For instance, the Moonlight tent is designed to resist wind and sudden storms, and thanks to its strength and shape, it is capable of staying erect, even when other tents would be knocked over. It is also roomier than most other shelters in its class, and the use of polyester fabrics means that the Moonlight’s sides won’t sag when they get wet either. it also comes with long adjustable anchors for use in a variety of terrains, and even provides the unique ability to pitch the rainfly first so that the rest of the tent can be set-up in dry conditions. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg however, as Cecot-Scherer has also integrated countless other features that are sure to be appreciated by campers. These include a method for keeping your guylines well organized, a built-in drying rack for wet clothing, and numerous additional loops for hanging headlamps and other small items inside. The tent has two doors that were specifically designed for ease of exit and entry, and it comes with a net roof that provides excellent ventilation and is perfect for stargazing from the interior as well. 


So just how good is the Moonlight Tent? Gear Institute tent specialist Ryan Stuart got his hands on an early prototype, and posted an in-depth review that you can read here. Spoiler alert: the tent received an overall score of 92, which would have been good enough for it to take top honors in our recent list of the Best Two Person Tents of 2015. Unfortunately, our review sample from TentLab arrived too late to be included in that round-up, but the Moonlight 2 still managed to out score the competition fairly handily. 

As mentioned, TheTentLab has launched a kickstarter campaign in an attempt to raise the funds necessary to the Moonlight tent into full production. The goal is to raise $150,000, and as of this writing – with a little over two weeks to go – they are about a third of the way there. The company is offering discounts for backers on all three models of the tent, and hopes to begin shipping out the product by January of 2016. You can find out more, or contribute to the cause, by clicking here