This Elegant Pen Never Runs Out of Ink

This Elegant Pen Never Runs Out of Ink


Have you ever wanted a pen that never ran out of ink? If so, the Winkpen by Jessica Chan just might be the answer to your dreams.

The Winkpen is an elegant writing tool with a unique glass tip capable of drawing in any liquid and writing with it right on the spot. If you look up “glass pen” on the Internet, you will find many antique and beautiful writing instruments that become functional by first dipping them into ink. The Winkpen is novel however in that it is the first to invent a functioning ink reservoir that you can draw any liquid in and write as you would with a regular pen. So, whether you are outdoors or at home, you can use virtually any liquid that has a staining property including coffee, tea, fruit juice, or even wine – which is how this pen earned its name: “wine” + ink = wink.


Each glass tip is hand made with an elegant, functional, and sustainable design. Because of its anticorrosive properties, glass can handle many liquids that would jam up traditional pens. Every tip is handcrafted with spiral grooves that are engineered to work with very low viscosity fluids. So, not only does it look great, it actually serves a function too.

The Winkpen is built to be as modular and user friendly as possible. To load the pen, simply dip the tip into your “ink” of choice and turn the piston on the back to suck up the liquid. To get the pen started, give the piston a small twist to push out your “ink” and start writing. Then, when you’re done, the entire pen comes apart into easy to clean pieces. Finally, you won’t ruin your pen if you try writing with something like melted chocolate (hint, hint). Just remember to clean it regularly since most makeshift inks don’t have a very long shelf life.


The Winkpen is the result of a successful crowdfunding campaign and is now in production at the WinkPen CrowdSupply site. You can pre-order yours for $149.00 and even have it personalized for $164.00. We are looking forward to writing our journal overlooking the next beautiful wilderness landscape and dipping our Winkpen into that hot cup of java that perfectly compliments the rising sun. (That’s going in the journal!)