This Could Be Your New Favorite Piece of Luggage

This Could Be Your New Favorite Piece of Luggage

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The classic duffel bag is a staple of travel. These small and versatile bags are popular for short trips because they are easy to carry, capable of hauling a lot of gear, and can help travelers avoid expensive airline baggage fees by allowing them to carry their bag onto the aircraft. But it has been some time since we’ve seen any type of real innovation in terms of duffel bag design. Other than slight variations of size, shape, color, and fabrics used in construction, most duffel bags are essentially the same. But a new bag that has just been funded on Kickstarter is looking to change that by introducing some interesting new features that frequent travelers are sure to love. 

The GoBag is a carry-on sized duffel that was built for those who like to travel light and fast. Its creator says that it can be carried onto the aircraft that are currently in service with 95% of the airlines in the world, including the notoriously difficult Ryanair. The bag also has a full-edge zipper that allows easy access to the interior of the duffel, which is constructed from lightweight – yet highly durable – TPU coated ballistic nylon. That is the same fabric used in making inflatable boats, which means the GoBag should be able to take a beating without showing much wear and tear.

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Travelers looking for plenty of room for their gear will appreciate the GoBag’s design. In addition to its spacious interior, this duffel also has a handy document pocket for keeping passports, airline tickets, and other important paperwork close at hand. It also comes with a detachable washbag, a mesh interior organizational pocket, a laptop harness, and a hidden pocket for keeping valuables safe. The GoBag even comes equipped with a variety of compression straps, grab handles, mobile loops, and removable shoulder straps that can quickly convert the duffel into a backpack as needed.

But perhaps the most interesting and innovative design element of this product is what the designer calls the “Max Pack Bag.” This integrated vacuum bag allows travelers to compress all of the air out of the interior of the GoBag, shrinking the contents of the duffel in the process. This allows travelers to get more gear into a much smaller space, helping to keep the overall size of the bag down, while allowing them to travel without having to compromise on what items they can take with them. 


When the GoBag launched on Kickstarter its designers were hoping to raise about $70,000 to get it into production. The duffel has certainly been a hit on the crowdfunding site, far surpasssing that goa. Contributors have already pledged more than $380,000 to the project, which means that this carry-on is now fully funded and will go into production later this summer. Kickstarter backers can expect to receive their duffels in the fall, with the bag becoming available to others shortly there after. 


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