This Belt Has A Hidden Secret That Could Save Your Life

This Belt Has A Hidden Secret That Could Save Your Life


Are you looking for an accessory that looks good in the city, but can save your life in the wilderness? Check out the Ripcord Belt, a stylish accessory fit for just about any occasion that just so happens to house quite possibly the most useful items you can bring with you on any adventure – 12 feet of paracord. 

The Ripcord Belt is simple in design and built to last. The buckle is fashioned out of stainless steel and keeps your belt looking fresh with a no-hole slider pin. The belt comes in a one-size-fits-all length, which slices off cleanly and without fraying to fit your waist. You can choose from three colors; Olive Drab green, Timeless Black, and Classic Khaki, with the buckle available in either Gun Metal Grey and Matte Black.


Additionally, each belt also comes equipped with 12 feet of 550 paracord which stores out of sight on the inseam of the belt. It fits neatly into a sheath made of 1.5 inch nylon webbing commonly referred to as “seatbelt weave.” This fabric is lighter and softer than regular nylon, but is nearly as strong and is designed for use next to the body. The fabric was created to be low-stretch, low-absorption, and non-porous, making it perform better during sweaty hikes. The paracord is  loaded into this sheath using a ‘W’ shape pattern with the aid of a modified wire coat hanger (not included). This video shows you exactly how that is done. .

The Ripcord Belt is not available in stores just yet, but you can get your own by backing its kickstarter project. When the product ships in December it is expected to sell for about $45, but it can be had for just $30 by crowdfunding it now.