These Sandals Double as a Handy Travel Wallet

These Sandals Double as a Handy Travel Wallet


The Reef-R Stash Flip Flop Sandals have a secret that may just save your entire vacation. You see, they aren’t just a pair of shoes, but also a wallet too. If you’re a backpacker in a country with questionable security, or just a beachgoer with no pockets (I’m looking at you surfers); this is a clever way to keep your valuables safe.

The Stash is a fully functional and comfortable sandal. They are made of soft and light EVA footbeds that are flexible all the way through to help protect the feet and prevent blisters. Unlike a competing design, the patented compartment is flexible as well, so you can put on the miles without feeling like you’re actually walking on your wallet. The sandal has been designed to make it easy to slip on and it comes in a variety of colors as well.


The Stash’s wallet component is roomy and simple. The compartment fits under the arch of the foot and is large enough to fit at least 1 key card, cash, and a standard flat key. This compartment closes securely and discreetly with a small flap that attaches via a hook and loop Velcro tab.

So, as long as you’re not fishing around for your cash in front of strangers, this looks like an effective product. Just be sure you don’t lose them!