When you travel for an extended period of time in the backcountry its often a good idea to carry some useful tools with you. For instance, a shovel can come in vary handy on the trail, as can an axe and a saw too. The problem is, all of those tools take up precious space in our backpacks, and add a lot of weight as well. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a lightweight multitool that offered all of the same functionality without adding unnecessary bulk to our packs?

Enter the SPARtool, a new outdoor product that recently launched on Kickstarter that promises to deliver all the functionality you need for your next camping or backpacking trip in a single piece of gear. Not only does it feature six different types of tools integrated into one clever design, it also weighs less than three pounds and is compact enough to carry just about anywhere. 

The SPARtool includes a shovel, an axe blade, a saw, a bottle opener, a hammer, and a pick. Each of those various tools can come in very handy around a campsite, but carrying all of them with you on anything more than a car camping trip would be challenging to say the least. Thanks to this new product however, it is easier than ever to have the tools you need with you at all times. Especially since the entire thing tips the scales at a mere 2.8 pounds. 


As if that wasn’t enough, the designer of the SPARtool has also built a specially designed sheath to make it even easier to carry. Made from denier ballistic nylon, the sheath wraps around the product, covering all of the blades and various other tools in the process. This helps to protect both the SPARtool itself, and prevents accidental injury to the user as well. It also make it easier to toss in your backpack without worrying about cutting or puncturing the fabric. 

Personally, I think this looks like a very promising tool for camping and backpacking. With so many features built right in, it gives the user the ability to not only dig holes, but chop kindling, saw through a variety of materials, hammer tent stakes, and more. The only question I have is whether or not such a lightweight tool will be able to stand up to the potential punishment it faces in rugged backcountry environments. 

The designer of the SPARtool hopes to begin shipping the product in March of 2016. Backers of the Kickstarter campaign can pre-order one for just $99, which represents a $40 savings over the $139 retail price.