The ‘Sherp’ is a Custom Built Russian SUV That Can Go Anywhere

The ‘Sherp’ is a Custom Built Russian SUV That Can Go Anywhere


The Sherp is a private all terrain vehicle developed by Russian “technologist” Aleksei Garagashian. Coincidentally or not, the Sherp (curiously similar to the popular meme phrase “derp”) has a shortened and stout body with completely oversized tires. This gives it enough buoyancy to float on water and enough traction to roll over any surface. We haven’t seen how the vehicle handles on uneven terrain like boulders, but there’s a video of it in action on snow, ice, and in the water.


We’re not sure whether it is available in the US or even if it is available at all. The website is written in a stereotypical Russian accent where you can “Make Order” and it appears that you can at least “lease” (rent?) one of the two vehicles in the video. Further reading reveals that if you did want one, you would have to figure out how to ship the parts out of Russia since they can only be delivered to the Russian Federation. Ah well, at least the stats look awesome.


The Sherp is built tough but comes with options for leisure. Besides the 2,866 lb. steel body with a Diesel Kubota V1505-t engine (1498 cc. and … 44.300 hp we think), you can get seat warmers and high power 90 watt Diode headlights. The Sherp even has the capacity to store an additional 50 Liters of fuel in a tank that nests inside each of the wheels for an additional 200L. No, this is not a joke. You should check out the official Sherp website for more information.