The Selk’bag Gets Upgraded

The Selk’bag Gets Upgraded


The incredibly fun and unique Selk’bag is about to receive a few upgrades that will reportedly improve comfort, warmth, and all-around design. The wearable sleeping bag has gained a measure of popularity with casual campers, and the company behind the unusual product is now preparing to launch its new 5G Sleepwear System. 

According to Selk’bag USA, the next generation Selk’bag will feature removable booties that will allow customers to wear their own footwear for the very first time. In previous models the built-in booties kept the wearer’s feet nicely warm, but were not always well suited for use around the campsite. That shouldn’t be an issue with these new models, which are scheduled for release later this month. 


Other new features include a completely redesigned hood that can be adjusted to provide extra warmth, and improved shell and lining materials that offer increased durability too. Furthermore, in an effort to cut down on potential abrasions, the stitched-in labels found in previous generations have been removed in favor of printed ones. Additionally, a new approach to the construction of the Selk’bag provides bettar all-around comfort, while new sizes can now accommodate wearers ranging from as small as 3-feet tall all the way up to 6-foot 4-inches in height. 

If all of that wasn’t enough, individual Selk’Bag models have received new features as well. For instance, all of the Original series of Selk’bags, as well as the Kids bags, now come with a kangaroo pocket which provides extra storage and a place for cold hands. Similarly, the Lite line of Selk’bags has been reduced in weight by 10 percent, but still manages to provide two additional degrees of warmth for the wearer at the same time. 


While backpackers and serious backcountry campers have often viewed the Selk’bag as little more than a novelty, the more casual camping crowd seems to be drawn to its warmth and comfort. As new models featuring unique designs have been released, it seems that interest in the product only continues to grow. This 5G Sleepwear System will likely only continue to extend the popularity of this bag with outdoor enthusiasts. 

All of the new Selk’bags will become available before the end of July. You can find out more at