The RinseKit Gets Even Better With A Water-Heating Accessory

The RinseKit Gets Even Better With A Water-Heating Accessory


We’ve told you about RinseKit a number of times here at the Gear Institute, even going so far as to label it a “must have” for outdoor enthusiasts when we reviewed it awhile back. For those who aren’t familiar with the product, RinseKit is a portable pressurized water system that can produce a surprisingly strong stream of water from its two-gallon reservoir without the use of batteries or a pump. That makes it extremely handy for washing off after a long day of surfing or kayaking for instance or for taking a shower at your campsite. I’ve used mine for everything from hosing down my mountain bike after a muddy ride, to giving the dog a bath in the yard. Now, the company behind the RinseKit has launched a Kickstarter campaign for two add-on accessories that promise to make it even more useful. 

The first of these accessories – and the one that is sure to get the most attention – is the new water heater that could make cold water showers on future camping excursions a thing of the past. The heater is reportedly easy to install on existing RinseKits and has the ability to warm the water inside up to 100ºF. And with the RinseKit’s insulated tank the water it stores inside wiil stay warm for hours. 


The water heater is powered by a built-in battery that can be recharged via USB or a 12V adapter in a car. When you’re ready for some hot water you simply flip a switch, wait a few minutes, and you’re all ready to go. This accessory is expected to ship in October of this year, but one can be preordered now with the pledge of $119 to the Kickstarter campaign. 

The second accessory that RinseKit has introduced is a Field Fill Kit. As the name implies, this is a new product that gives you the ability to refill the internal tank while away from home. The RinseKit is an incredibly useful product, but it only holds two gallons of water, and once that runs out, it becomes somewhat useless. But with the addition of the Field Fill Kit it is now possible to refill the RinseKit, and build up internal pressure using a bike pump, extending its usefulness far furhter. This add-on is expected to start shipping in June and can be preordered with a $49 pledge now. 


Both of these accessories will come in very handy, but I’m especially excited about the water heater in particular. It looks like it will be a great addition to the RinseKit system, and something that I’ll be looking forward to trying out once it becomes available. 

Find out more on the RinseKit Kickstarter page