The Perfect Kit for Beginning Climbers

The Perfect Kit for Beginning Climbers

Rock climbing’s popular hits new highs every year, it seems, and that means gear makers have cranked up their efforts. Yet with all of that specialized gear available to climbers, novices may be intimidated by the task of trying to get the gear they need. So I sought to cut through the clutter to collect the Perfect Kit for Beginning Rock Climbers. 

With safety in mind and recognizing the need that novices need to spend considerable time learning their sport before they invest too heavily in the most advanced—and specialized—gear items, here’s the kit


1Black-Diamond-MomentumThe Black Diamond Momentum 3S is an ideal entry-level harness providing comfort, a snug fit and great adjustability. The speed buckles are easily and quickly adjustable which is helpful when putting on your harness. The wide leg loops have comfortable padding for climbing and hanging. If you find you’re climbing something more difficult than you had anticipated, it’s nice to have the comfortable padding in those leg loops should you take a few breaks or a fall. And for those that might be money conscious, the Momentum has a favorable price while not compromising safety and comfort.

Climbing Shoes

Five Ten Rogue VCSThe Five Ten Rogue VCS is an extremely soft climbing shoe that does really great on sport climbs and bouldering. The Rogue is tremendously comfortable for a climbing shoe. It’s considered a fantastic transition shoe from gym to outdoor rock as the features of the Rogue help beginners learn the basics of climbing without the discomfort you’ll find in average climbing shoes. The Active Arch Technology helps secure foot position within the shoe so your foot won’t ride up to the front and squish your toes or fall back into the heel and prevent toe-ins on small features.

Chalk Bag

AT-Aperture-Chalk-BagChalk bags aren’t the most exciting piece of gear for climbing, but the Arc’teryx Aperture Chalk Bag is a pretty clever one that makes for a nice, clean way to store your chalk without getting it all over your gear in your backpack. The twist closure opens and closes with a twisting motion that seals chalk inside with a snap closure and shrinks the volume for easy transport. You can loop it around your waist with the waist belt which is great if you’re bouldering, or you can just clip it to your harness with a carabiner. There’s a brush holder and to add to an already great item, you can use one of the pack attachments as a bottle opener for a refreshing beverage after a hard day at the crags.

Belay/Rappel Device with Carabiner

Petzl-UnireversoSince you can’t really use a belay device without a carabiner for attachment to your harness, why not get an ‘all-in-one’ with the Petzl Unireverso Belay Device. The Unireverso connects the Reverso 4 belay device with the Attaché locking carabiner, and it’s all held in place by a sliding connection piece. This limits the risk of dropping the belay device during rope maneuvers. It’s very versatile when it comes to rope thickness, and it won’t kink the rope.