The North Face Debuts Its Most Breathable Running Jacket Ever

The North Face Debuts Its Most Breathable Running Jacket Ever


The North Face has taken the wraps off a new product that it claims is the most breathable wind and waterproof jacket the company has ever produced. The new HyperAir GTX is scheduled to go on sale later this month, and was designed specifically with runners in mind. It utilizes Gore-Tex Active fabrics to help repel moisture, while also managing to keep the wearer warm, dry, and comfortable throughout an intense training session.

This new jacket is one of the first to use the latest version of Gore-Tex Active, which manages to shed weight by doing away with the traditional outer layer of protective fabric. Normally a product from Gore uses an inner lining that rests close to the body, a waterproof and breathable mid-layer for performance, and a durable outer layer to help protect the garment from being damaged. But the new version of Active fabrics features just the waterproof layer and a thin lining, which reportedly reduces weight noticeably. 

The North Face says that these new fabrics feature a permanent water-beading surface, which has eliminated the need for the outer facing fabrics altogether. And since there are nolonger any materials to absorb moisture on the outside of the jacket, the HyperAir GTX can be dried off with a simple shake. On top of that, the wearer won’t feel a chill from soaked fabrics either, as the rain simply beads up and runs right off. 


When Gore-Tex Active is combined with the unique design of the HyperAir GTX it has led to a breakthrough in breathability. Reportedly the jacket allows heat and sweat to easily vent out from the inside, keeping the wearer cooler and dryer than similar products in the past. The North Face says that its brand athletes who have tested the new jacket give it high marks for performance and packability, saying it is one of the best garments they have ever trained in.The rest of us will find out of that is true soon enough.

The North Face HyperAir GTX will go on sale on December 15, and carry a price tag of $249. It will be available from North Face retail outlets, REI, and online at