The Jacket Redesigned: Meet the Cube Travel Jacket

The Jacket Redesigned: Meet the Cube Travel Jacket


The Cubed Travel Jacket by Clothing Arts is a stylish, high performance jacket that incorporates an innovative secure pocket system alongside technical features that many will appreciate. It is designed to be the only jacket you need for international adventures, both sleek and inconspicuous for the city and durable and functional for the outdoors.

The Cubed Travel Jacket fills the gap for high performance wear that looks stylish without standing out to would be thieves. Clothing Arts built its company on Pick Pocket Proof™ shirts and pants with secret and secure pockets for your valuables. Following up on the success of those products, which have now stopped 24 confirmed theft attempts around the world, the main goal for this jacket was the ability to store and access your belongings while at the same time avoiding painting you as a target.


The Cubed Travel Jacket has 8 secret pockets, including two Napoleon pockets that feature both internal and external access. This innovative, and surprisingly common sense, feature allows access both from the inside and the outside when the jacket is zipped up. The two pockets are protected with waterproof YKK zippers complete with garages as well, which helps to keep their contents safe from the elements.

On top of that, the jacket has four additional interior pockets, each of which is roomy enough to fit a large paperback book. All of them seal shut using zippers with security clips, which provide an extra measure of protection from would-be thieves.


In addition to providing plenty of secure storage, the Cubed Travel Jacket is also designed with performance in mind. It is constructed using the technically advanced breathable waterproof DVStorm membrane fabrics from eVent and comes equipped with fully taped seams. In addition, the minimalist articulated-fit design avoids needlessly puncturing the front membrane by stitching the pockets directly into the taped seams themselves. It also comes with a removable hood, Velcro tightened sleeve cuffs, a scarf-friendly collar, and invisible Waist-Cinchers pulled through the hand-pockets. It has a fabric with a soft, natural-feel on the outside, and a tricot, lightweight and durable 30D backing on the interior.

The Jacket just launched on Kickstater and is available for $280 for early bird supporters. It comes with with a defect and construction guarantee, as well as a replacement for jackets that don’t fit. The product is expected to sell for $440 when it ships in September of this year.