The Hover Camera Could be the Drone for the Rest of Us

The Hover Camera Could be the  Drone for the Rest of Us


A new generation of portable, lightweight, automated drones is here and it’s called the Hover Camera. This portable drone weighs too little to be regulated by the FAA, comes equipped with a digital camera, folds to fit into your bag, and has an auto-follow feature too. All you have to do is turn it on, open it like a book, and release anywhere for the camera to start hovering.

The Hover Camera is designed by Zero Zero Robotics and uses new technology to bring ultra-light automation to your pocket. It has a 13MP and 4K Video and photo camera built right into the body, combined with electronic image stabilization that ditches bulky gimbals, while still retaining a steady shot.


Zero Zero has integrated what it calls truly “groundbreaking embedded AI technologies.” The circuit board on the drone is about the size of three U.S. Quarter coins and runs a Qualcom Snapdragon Quad Core Processor that is so fast, it allows the camera to work independently, without the need to be connected to any other devices.

The Hover Camera is designed for the ultimate out of the box, care-free user experience. All you have to do is press the power button, open the camera wings like a book, and release it from your hand. The device uses a downward facing camera that gauges position and speed, combined with face and body recognition and visual calculations that allow it to follow a user wherever he or she may go. In addition the protective enclosure is made of carbon fiber for lightweight protection to prevent any accidental injury from the blades.


The Hover Camera is not available yet, but Zero Zero hopes to have it ready to sell by sometime this summer at a price under $600. You can learn more at the website