Gear for Good: Introducing the Cotopaxi Agua Bottle

Gear for Good: Introducing the Cotopaxi Agua Bottle


Cotopaxi was founded on the simple premise of creating fun, high quality products that could be sold directly to the consumer at a fair price. Those items often come in whimsical colors and feature unique designs, but they are always attractive, eco-friendly, and include features designed specifically for the outdoor and travel community. Often those products are even made from the leftover materials that go unused by other companies when making products of their own. 

In addition to designing interesting gear, Cotopaxi is also razor focused on making a difference in the world. As a result, a portion of the funds from every item that they sell goes directly to a number of worthy nonprofits that are working to improve the health, education, and livelihoods of people in developing parts of the world. Just how committed are they to this mission? The company offers a 61 year “Human Lifespan Guarantee” on all of its products. That is the average lifespan of someone living in developing countries across the planet. As that number goes up, so will the length of the Cotopaxi guarantee. 

agua bottle

The newest product in the Cotopaxi catalog is the Agua Bottle, which has just gone on sale on the company’s website for the first time. Made out of stainless steel, the bottle features double-walled construction designed to keep hot drinks warm for 12 hours, and cold drinks cool for 24. It has an aluminum cap, a sleek matte finish, and as you would expect, it is completely BPA-free. 

Available in three sizes: Thirsty (600 ml), Parched (750 ml), and Thirstiest (1000 ml), and nine colors, the bottles sell for $25, $30, and $35 respectively. And sticking to their “gear for good” credo, 10% of the proceeds go directly to the charities that Cotopaxi supports. 

Check out the Agua bottle, and all of Cotopaxi’s outdoor gear and apparel, at