The Camp Chair Gets An Upgrade

The Camp Chair Gets An Upgrade

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A staple at high school soccer games, town parades, and the beaches, camp chairs often suffer from bulky design, heavy materials, and overly complicated mechanics. This can make them a real burden to carry into the backcountry, limiting their use for anything other than car camping. There are a few companies that are trying to change his perception of the humble camp chair, but few have shown as much innovation and promise as Helinox, whose “Chair One” just might deliver on the promise. 

Constructed from various lengths of shock-corded, TH72M DAC Aluminum poles that index into two nylon hubs, the Helinox “Chair One” weighs less than 2lbs, packs down to be the size of a loaf of bread, and can hold as much as 320lbs of weight. That is the highest capacity of any chair of this kind on the market today and is a testament to its strength and durability. The center of the chair sits only 10 inches from the ground and is naturally reclined – making it lower and more comfortable than most other camping chairs as well.


The Helinox Chair One carries a price tag of $100, which puts it on the higher end of the camp chair market. However, when you consider its high quality materials and construction – as well as its “single piece” design – it is sure to appeal to more than a few outdoor enthusiasts looking to upgrade their campsite furniture.

Helinox Branded Camp Furniture is distributed by Big Agnes here in North America and their “Chair One”  – along with their other chairs and cots – can be found at your local outfitter or directly through the Big Agnes website.

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Once my adorable daughter relinquishes the chair, I’ll be taking this bad mamma-jamma out on the trail to see what it can do in the field.