The Bundle Bed Might Be The Ultimate Sleeping Bag for Car Camping

The Bundle Bed Might Be The Ultimate Sleeping Bag for Car Camping


Getting a good night sleep while camping just got a whole lot easier thanks to the Bundle Bed. This cozy looking sleeping bag launched on Kickstarter a few weeks back, and quickly gained enough support to blow past its crowdfunding goal. Taking a look at its features, it is easy to see why, as it is designed to be comfortable and convenient, and includes some nice touches that will definitely make it a favorite with the car camping crowd.

At first glance, Bundle Bed looks a lot like most other sleeping bags designed for casual camping outings, albeit a bit larger and thicker. But look a little deeper and you’ll start to see the unique features that help separate it from the competition. For instance, this sleeping bag comes with a self-inflating air matress built right in. It also features an integrated “feels like down” pillow, and a set of sheets made of a soft, jersey cotton material as well. Each of these different layers work with one another to provide a comfortable place to sleep no matter where you take your Bundle Bed, providing owners with the next best thing to their actual bed back home.


When you’re ready to hit the road, the entire thing rolls up into a neat package that is bound together with a couple of high quality buckles for easy transportation. Add a detachable strap to the mix, and you can carry the Bundle Bed around like a duffle bag until you’re ready to use it again. Then, simply roll it out, unzip the bag, inflate the mattress, and you’re all set to catch some Z’s.

Available in both child and adult size models, the Bundle Bed is definitely not going to appeal to ultralight backpackers. It tips the scales at just over 13 pounds, which makes it much better suited for use in the backyard rather than the backcountry. Nevertheless, the Kickstarter project is fully funded, and the sleeping bag is expected to start shipping to early supports in August for a price of $260.


Find out more at and order your own version on the sleeping bag’s Kickstarter page.