The BlackFin Camper Box is a Roof-Top Tent for Nearly Any Vehicle

The BlackFin Camper Box is a Roof-Top Tent for Nearly Any Vehicle


Love ot camp but not a big fan of setting up a tent? Than perhaps a roof top model would be more to your liking. These types of tents connect to the roof of your vehicle and provide a comfortable place to stay when you reach your campsite with almost no assembly necessary. 

Recently, a company called BlackFin launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to launch a new roof top tent called the Camper Box. This model can reportedly be used with virtually any car, truck, or SUV, and can be mounted on a roof rack with both round and square crossbars. We’re told that it is also easy to install, and pops up for use in a matter of seconds. 


The Camper Box measures 83 inches by 50 inches, which is enough floor space to house a full-size mattress. The tent weighs appxorimately 130 pounds, and when closed it has a thickness of just 11 inches. When opened however, it expands up to a height of 3 feet, providing a surprising amount of room inside. The tent can sleep two adults comfortably, with room for a small child or two if you don’t mind getting a little cozy.

Since this is a hardshell roof top tent, it has been built to keep the weather at bay. BlackFin says that it is weather proof, keeping rain out of the interior, keeping you and your gear dry in the process. The company also says that the Camper Box is wind resistant too, and was designed to survive strong gusts. That level of durability is important when your vehicle is screaming down the road at 75 mph with this tent installed on the top as well.


Inside, the Camper Box isn’t lacking for features either. It has a cargo net on the ceiling for storing small and important items, and it comes equipped with four screened windows that keep bugs out but allow a nice breeze to flow through. There are also built-in pockets for additional storage, two hooks for hanging your jacket, a celing light, and buckles to help keep the windows open too.

The Camper Box is expected to start shipping in August with a retail price of $1695. But, with three days to go in its crowdfunding campaign, the tent hasn’t quite reached its goal of $10,000 just yet. There is no word from BlackFin whether or not it will move forward with the project if it doesn’t raise the money it needs on Indiegogo however, so it is possible we might not see this product come to fruition at all. Lets hope that’s not the case however, as it looks like a great addition to the roof top tent market.