The Ballistic Explorer Offers Slim, Rugged Protection for iPhone

The Ballistic Explorer Offers Slim, Rugged Protection for iPhone


When shopping for a protective case for my iPhone 6S, I’ve found that my needs are actually quite simple. I don’t require something that is waterproof and I don’t need an outer shell that is thick enough to deflect an incoming bullet. Instead, I want a case that provides plenty of protection from the occasional accidental drop, but doesn’t add much in the way of bulk. It doesn’t hurt if that case happens to look good and is affordable too. The new Explorer from Ballistic fits that description nicely, offering everything I need and nothing I don’t. 

Slim and lightweight, the Explorer provides the same level of protection that we’ve come to expect from Ballistic’s other cases. It’s reinforced corners and sides prevent damage to the iPhone’s shell and screen when the device is dropped onto a hard surface, easily absorbing the shock before it can actually get to the phone itself. A slightly raised lip runs completely around the outside of the case itself, helping to prevent scratches and scuffs on the screen too. 

Personally, I like the way this case looks on my iPhone, which isn’t all that typical with most other similar products. While it does add a bit of thickness to Apple’s notoriously svelte device, it also makes it easier to hold onto as well. That alone should help prevent some drops, keeping the iPhone safe by default. On top of that, the Explorer’s rounded edges still allows me to slide it in and out of my pocket without much difficulty, which isn’t always the case with some of the competition. 


Ballistic designed the Explorer to be easy to install, and as a reult it takes just a few seconds to complete that procedure. A series of latches snap the case securely into place, but those same latches are also easy to open again when you want to remove it. This ease of use isn’t always found in a case that offers this much protection, and for someone who tests different options from time to time, it was much appreciated.   

According to Ballistic, the Explorer has been drop tested from up to 8 feet in height and the iPhone has survived without damage. I’ll have to take their word for it, because I wasn’t brave enough to push my luck with my own device. It has been dropped from more manageable heights (think 3-4 feet) while ensconced in this case however, and it has come away without any ill effects whatsoever. 

As someone who travels regularly, the Explorer is a great option for the challenges that my phone faces. It offers a high level of protection without having to move into the more bulky range of cases that are available from companies like LifeProof and OtterBox. It isn’t waterproof of course, but then again that isn’t something i need on a daily basis. And at just $39.99, it doesn’t carry the more expensive price tag that comes along with those other options either. That’s something that we can all appreciate. 


If you’re in the market for a good case that provides all the protection you could possibly need on a daily basis – without adding too much bulk or coming at a high price – the Explorer is a good choice for you.

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