Summer Kayaking Gear to Get You Out on the Water

Summer Kayaking Gear to Get You Out on the Water


Let’s face it, the summer months were meant to be spent out on the water. There is simply no better time to go kayaking down a wiild river or take a leisurely paddle across an open lake. If your summer plans include waterborne adventures, than perhaps it may time to add some new gear to your collection. Here are several items that could make those excursions even more enjoyable.  

Dagger ROAM Kayak ($855/$955)
Versatility is the name of the game with the ROAM kayak from Dagger. This sit-on-top boat is stable enough to paddle rivers, lakes, and even in the ocean, while providing plenty of capabilities for both beginners and advanced kayakers alike. The ROAM comes equipped with an adjustable skeg system, thigh straps, and plenty of onboard storage, making it a good option for summer outings. It is available in two sizes (9.9 and 11.6 feet) and five color schemes, which help to give it a distinct look as well. 


Adventure Technology Hercules Carbon Paddle ($290)
Lightweight and extremely durable, the Hercules Carbon Paddle from Adventure Technology is designed to provide solid performance on both flat water and free-flowing rivers. This do-everything paddle features a moderately sized blade that offers solid control and balance in a wide variety of conditions. 


NRS Ninja PFD ($130)
Every kayaker needs a personal flotation device, and the NRS Ninja is one of the best for summer outings. The Ninja’s low-profile design allows for freedom of movement, while the soft materials that make up the inner lining provide plenty of comfort and breathability for those warm-weather paddling excursions. This PFD even comes equipped with a front mesh pocket, a lash tab for holding a multi-tool, and six individual adjustment straps for dialing in the perfect fit. 


Kōkatat Tropos Light Drift Jacket ($79)
Even during the summer months water temperatures can be chilly, which is why it is always a good idea to come armed with a paddling jacket. The Kōkatat Tropos Light Drift is made from lightweight and breathable waterproof fabrics, which makes it a good choice for warm-weather outings. This quarter-zip jacket features a bungee draw cord waist, adjustable splash cuffs, and a small, self-draining pocket complete with key lanyard.


Quicksilver AG47 Amphibian Shoes ($79)
Want the comfort of a sneaker in a shoe that performs equally well on both land and water? Than look no further than the AG47 Amphibian from Quicksilver. Incredibly lightweight and comfortable, these shoes drain water away quickly and effortlessly, while allowing your feet to breathe and stay fresh at the same time. The Amphibian’s live up to their name, allowing the wearer to easily transition from dry land to the water, and back again, without missing a beat. 


RinseKit ($90)
After a full day on the water it’s time to get cleaned up. The RinseKit can help you do just that by providing a portable high-pressure washing system for hosing down boats, gear, or even dirty kayakers. The RinseKit holds up to two gallons of water, which is dispensed without the use of batteries or pumping. The device weighs 24 pounds when full, and could become the next “must have” gadget for paddlers and car campers alike.