Stream Music Without Your Smartphone With This New Device

Stream Music Without Your Smartphone With This New Device

Mighty Device and Home Screen

Mighty Audio is a music player that ditches your mobile phone and syncs directly to your online Spotify account completely on its own. Your read that right, and we’re just as surprised as you are that this hasn’t happened before. This is the first device that can play music from the popular streaming service on the go without having to be tethered to another device.

The Mighty Audio player is small, durable, and wireless. The device measures 1.5 inches square, 0.3 inches thick, and weighs just 0.6 oz. / 17 g. It is built with soft touch plastic and rubber that is drop proof and water resistant, and features a clip on the back for easy attachment. It uses Bluetooth and WiFi to connect to wireless headphones or sync music, and has a standard wired headphone jack just in case.

Mighty hiking

The first generation of the Mighty Audio player keeps it light and simple. Internal memory holds up to 48 hours of music on a 2 GB flash drive, with no expandable slot yet. It is powered by an internal Lithium battery rated for up to 5 hours of continuous playback with future firmware updates that promise to extend that up to 10 hours. It also features a Micro-USB port that charges the device to full power in just 45 minutes.

The electronics and interface of Mighty Audio are simple and work with both the iPhone and Android. Built on an open source Android platform with a Spotify-like interface, syncing is as simple as pairing your device. Playback is easy with just 5 buttons and a voice that dictates the names of your playlists as you navigate through them. You can even record playlist names yourself if you use any special characters or numbers to organize them.

Mighty Camping

The Mighty Audio player KickStarter page is live starting today. It retails for $109, but you can grab one of the first for $70 or opt for a number of higher tiers that get you bigger rewards. Click here to find out more.