Stanley Unveils New 24 oz. Classic Vacuum Stein

Stanley Unveils New 24 oz. Classic Vacuum Stein

Up near my place in Vermont, there’s an establishment right off the VAST that you either need to take a snowmobile or hike in on foot, to reach. They serve up random bits and pieces of food and drink – but the best part is the beer, mostly because it’s always cold and it’s always Long Trail Ale. Without fail, even if I only plan on staying for a few minutes, I end up leaning my snowshoes up against the bar for an hour or two and end up getting into some great conversations with some great people.

A lot of the regulars bring beer steins with them when they go, but I have yet to find something that matches my personality to carry with me to imbibe from. Well, someone must have told Stanley about my predicament because for 2016 they are launching their 24 oz. Classic Vacuum Stein, and it looks like it is exactly what I’ve been waiting for.


Designed like their classic vacuum bottles and 64 oz. growler, the Stein features Stanley’s awesome green hammered enamel finish and a big burly handle. Capitalizing on function, the stein comes equipped with a latching lid which allows you to keep your craft beverage carbonated and cold for up to 9 hours. My mouth is already watering with the idea of heading back to the cabin and popping the lid open for some ice cold refreshment a mile or two in.

As if that wasn’t enough, I’ll be able to fill the Stein up with coffee or tea for the trek in, and it will stay warm for five hours as well. This level of versatility will be greatly appreciated on my winter treks for sure.

So let’s go over the highlights here, folks:
1.  Keeps your adult beverage cold and carbonated for nine hours.
2.  Keeps hot beverages warm for five hours.
3.  Packs and travels exceedingly well.
4.  Built like a brick outhouse.
5.  Look’s cool.

The Stanley 24 oz. Classic Vacuum Stein will be available in Fall 2016 and will retail for $35.