SPY Optics Therapeutic Happy Lenses Go Glass

SPY Optics Therapeutic Happy Lenses Go Glass


If you didn’t have a chance to try the mood-altering and vision enhancing Happy Lens system from SPY Optics a couple seasons ago, now just might be your chance, as the company just released its unique patent-pending optic technology in a glass lens.

The new SPY Italian-made Happy Glass Polarized collection takes SPY’s Happy Lens technology to “a new level of color and contrast enhancement,” says the company, which is incorporating the glass lenses into some of its most popular frame styles, as well as new designs too. All Happy Glass lenses are polarized, feature enhanced scratch resistance, and retail for $250

Polarized lenses are crucial for anglers, but any waterman – including professional drivers – can benefit from the crispness and clarity that glass brings to the table, which includes reduced eye fatigue. The original Happy Lens was made with polycarbonate.


The happy factor comes from the filtering power of the lenses, which send your eyeballs long-wave blue light – the same stuff that is used in daylight lamps and therapeutic light products for offices, and to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder. Happy Glass lenses block the sun’s “bad” rays (short-wave blue light and UV rays) and are also Trident polarized, blocking 99 percent of glare. SPY says exposure through the eyes to these “good rays” produces serotonin and enhances a number of positive physiological effects including elevated mood, increased alertness and a positive effect on the body’s circadian rhythm. You can read more about this from SPY by clicking here.

Currently the Happy Glasses are only available from spyoptic.com, but will be filtering into its retail channels soon (pun fully intended). Don’t believe the hype? Take advantage of the brand’s Happiness Guarantee: If someone isn’t completely stoked within 14 days, even after using the sunglasses outdoors, SPY will refund their money, including shipping. Find out more here


The new glassed out Rover and Admiral have discreet Hytrel rubber in the nose and temple tips, which really provide superb grip for legit action outdoor. I took them mountain biking in Fruita and trail running all around my home at 9,000 feet in Nederland, Colorado just to put them through their paces. The Rover has added slots for a sunglass leash, ideal for boating and fishing. Many of the Happy Glass models, including the new Atlas, have SPY’s new soft matte colorway, featuring a tackier, grippier feel, versus a more traditional slick coating. So while it doesn’t have quite the grip of the Hytrel rubber, it does stay put better while working up a sweat as compared to a more polished Grilamid or acetate frame on its own. The women’s Farrah with Happy Glass is built from highly durable propionate.

SPY was founded in 1994 and is the oldest independent sunglass brand in the U.S.

The video below provides a quick overview of the technology behind the Happy Lens.