SPY Bravo
Like Smith Optics’ new Chroma Pop line of sunglases, Spy has been pushing forward with big innovations in lens technology. Their “Happy Lens” is the only optical wear that has been designed to allow long-wave blue light in, while still blocking out 100 percent of the UV A, B, and C rays. This mystical blue light is said to help align the body’s rhythm, fostering a change that “creates a positive physiological uplift in mood and alertness.” A bit new agey? Possibly—the tech is called “Happy Lens” after all. But companies like Philips have been developing light bulbs that do the same thing to help people with seasonal affective disorder, so Spy may be onto something. The Happy Lenses have already hit several Spy sunglass models, and next year they’ll debut in two ski goggles, the Bravo and the Doom ($205), each of which comes with two Happy Lenses for variable light conditions, and will also include distortion-free ARC treatments with enhanced color and contrast. And if that big dose of long-wave blue light does indeed lift your spirit, they might also help you slough off the fog caused by one too many après pints.
—Nathan Borchelt


SPY Happy Lens Snow