SPY Allure Sunglasses: Fashion, Function and Science

SPY Allure Sunglasses: Fashion, Function and Science


As a bike commuter, I am constantly on the go and need to be able to transition from the office to after hours social functions effortlessly. This usually constitutes finding multi-functional gear that is office-appropriate, commuter friendly, and doesn’t scream “tech gear!” a mile away.

One item that has eluded me for years is finding the perfect pair eyewear. In particular, sunglasses that have all the technology that comes with performance shades worn for sporting events, but with enough style to wear to Jazz in the Park, farmer’s markets, summer barbecues, and mountain weddings too. Does such a pair of sunglasses exist? It does now.

Behold, The Allure by SPY.

The Allure has ended my quest for the perfect sunglasses by combining fashion and sport into one sleek (and not overtly trendy) design created especially for active women. No longer do I need to choose between my decade old Oakley Flaks or Ray-Ban aviators when I go out.


Key features of the feather-light Allure include the innovative SPY Happy Lens, Trident polarization, Hytrel nose pads and temple tips to keep it in place during wet conditions, and small temple openings for leash attachments.

The Hytrel nose pads help to secure the sunglasses and prevent them from falling down. I can also push them back onto my head without having them get caught in my hair- something I was never able to do with my aviators.

On top of that, SPY’s Happy Lens technology is truly impressive. Initially, I was skeptical about their claim that I would experience an uplift in mood and alertness. Could a pair of sunglasses really affect my mood? Apparently so.

The first week I wore the Allures, the weather ranged from near triple digit heat with glaring sun, to overcast and gray. Despite the varying conditions, the Allures cut down on the glare and my environment appeared less washed out, allowing me to see everything in sick detail! Somewhere in my head, I could hear Jesse Pinkman shouting “Yeah, Science!”


Through extensive research on light therapy and circadian rhythm, SPY explored “bad” and “good” sun rays affecting mood, particularly seasonal affective disorder. As a result, the SPY Happy Lens is the first and only lens technology specifically designed to foster a positive “uplift” in mood and alertness by allowing mood-enhancing, long-wave blue light rays into the eyes. In fact, SPY is so convinced of its technology, that it offers a full refund (including initial and return shipping charges) through its SPY Happiness Guarantee.

While I have long been a fan of SPY’s Bravo goggles for fit, quality and style, the Allure sunglasses have made me an even bigger fan of the 22-year-old company. The Allure takes me from my morning bike commute and into early evening Happy Hour on a rooftop patio. I only have to remove them when I’m indoors.

Essentially the little black dress of sunglasses for active women, the Allure retails for $100 – $150 and is offered in six different colors. Find out more at SpyOptic.com.