Slap Bag: Accessible Convenience in a Bike Pouch

Slap Bag: Accessible Convenience in a Bike Pouch


Whether you’re urban bike commuting or hitting the trail, Slap Bag is the ultimate pouch of convenience for cyclists.

A bike handlebar-mounted pouch that opens and closes with the slap of one hand, the Slap Bag was created for riders who need easy access to keys, performance food, tools, and electronic devices during a ride.

What makes the Slap Bag unique is that it does not use zippers, magnets, or Velcro to open and close. Instead, it relies on metal inserts to snap the pouch securely closed. The simplicity of the design makes it convenient for cyclists who need to snag a nutrition bar with one hand, or quickly grab their phone for a photo opportunity, while still keeping their eyes on the trail ahead.


Dimensions for Slap Bag are 7.50” W x 6.75”H. The pouch includes an internal cow hitch for keys, and features four Velcro strips to ensure that the pouch will mount to most bikes and stay securely in place. An aluminum bar is strategically placed along the back edge that can be bent into place for a more custom fit as well.

Durable water-resistant Terrain X-Pac VX-21 material gives the pouch its rigid structure, yet is still thin enough that riders can use electronic devices and hear turn-by-turn navigation, music, or ride statistics without the sound being muffled.

Slap Bag was born from the desire to make food quickly accessible without the inconvenience of stopping mid-ride to open a seat pack, or reaching around to dig into back pockets. Former adventure athlete Chris Boyd was inspired to create Slap Bag after he found himself frustrated when his food routinely fell out of zip locked bags that he had fastened to the front of his mountain bike.


Boulder, Colorado-based Boyd has spent nearly a decade perfecting Slap Bag prototypes and the last four years working on patent and production. He recently launched a Kickstarter Campaign to fund the product. Backers have until July 28 to support the project, whose funding options begin at $20.

Slap Bag shaves time and removes annoyance from having to rummage around for devices or keys. In addition to mountain biking, I take the Slap Bag on my commuter bike everywhere I go. The convenience of having my keys, key card, and wallet on hand (and knowing they won’t bounce out somewhere along a bike path) cannot be overstated. No longer do I have to stop at my office door, take off my back pack, and search for my key card, or repeat the process when I need to lock up my bike.

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