Search and State Delivers Inaugural Line of Cycling Gear for Women

Search and State Delivers Inaugural Line of Cycling Gear for Women


When cycling apparel company Search and State was first founded back in 2012, it offered just a single jersey and riding jacket. Those two garments would serve as the foundation of what would eventually expand into the company’s S1 line of products however, which now includes bibs and vests, as well as leg and arm warmers. But all of that gear was specifically designed to meet the needs of male cyclists, leaving the ladies to look elsewhere for products that fit their needs. 

That all changed this spring however, when the company released its first ever products for female riders. As with their initial line of gear from back in 2012, Search and State has once again started with just a jacket and a jersey with plans to expand the line further in the future. Over the past three years the company’s designers have been busy perfecting a women’s specific fit, and they think they have it dialed it at long last. 

s1-a-riding-jersey-w-white front

S1A Riding Jersey ($140)
The S1A Riding Jersey is decidedly understated for a cycling jersey. It comes in just two colors – black and white – and doesn’t feature flashy graphics splayed out all over its high quality fabrics. Designed to fit snugly, but not to hamper performance, this full-zip jersey is meant to be comfortable enough to wear on all-day rides. It features performance fabrics that wick moisture and are quick drying, whihc of course aids in temperature control as well. 

s1-j-riding-jacket-w-black front

S1J Riding Jacket ($255)
Built to protect riders from the elements, the S1J Riding Jacket is light, highly breathable, and incredibly waterproof. It features smart fabrics that are designed with membranes that open when exposed to heat and moisture, providing as much venting as possible. But when the weather turns cooler, those same membranes constrict to provide maximum protection from the wind and cold temperatures With a form-hugging fit, this jacket is meant to be worn on casual training rides, as well as race days, while still managing to look good in the process. 

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