Samsung Introduces Gear IconX Cord-Free Fitness Earbuds

Samsung Introduces Gear IconX Cord-Free Fitness Earbuds


I’m going to save the cool intro for another article and just tell you that Samsung has just announced the Gear IconX cord-free fitness earbuds and I think we may just have something of a revolution on our hands. The Gear IconX aren’t just wireless earbuds – they are a pair of wireless earbuds with 4GB of room for your favorites tunes, an ambient mode which allows you to hear noise around you, and a built-in fitness tracker. Did you catch that last part? A built-in fitness tracker? I mean talk about a total package.

In a world where electronics manufacturers are trying to pack as many features and functions into their devices, the Samsung Gear IconX focuses on everything you need in your active lifestyle – and leaves out all the bloat you don’t. All of the functions are accessed using a single touch button on the side with a series of taps changing the settings. And as an added bonus, the included case doubles as a power source that provides two full charges, which is a major plus for people on the move.


The one function not included, that users might miss is the ability to take and make phone calls. For a product that comes in at $199, you might think that Samsung would make sure to include that feature, but that doesn’t seem to be Samsung’s goal here. I think, in creating the Gear IconX earbuds, Samsung wanted to help people disconnect for a little while. After all, they don’t require a smartphone to function, athough they are compatible with Android based phones and your home PC or laptop.

Available in three specific sizes to provide you with the perfect fit and experience, the Gear IconX earbuds might just be the next big thing. There’s nothing else on the market that combines the function of a MP3 player with a fitness tracker without the need of a smartphone. This ability to become untethered on your adventures may prove to be just what you need to face the rest of your day.

The Samsung Gear IconX earbuds will be available later this year.